Your PEAK forever Coaches:

Heidi Sherman, Head Coach

trainers1Over the past decade, Heidi has been deeply involved in both the non-profit sector and the fitness industry of greater New Orleans. She is unwaveringly committed to health, community service and mentoring, and the process of discovery. Heidi has degrees from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and enjoys nature, art, reading, music, language, conversation, biology, food, philosophy, travel, movement and competition. She is a certified personal trainer and has CrossFit L1, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Mobility, and CrossFit Gymnastics trainer certifications. When not working out, she can be found enjoying nature with the company of her canine companions, Greta and Gladys. PEAK forever is a dream opportunity for Heidi to cultivate balance and achievement in all aspects of wellness and to challenge the PEAK forever coaches and members to redefine their commitments to themselves and their communities.


Mark Thonn, Coach

trainers2Mark is a NOLA native and lives in Metairie with his wife and two children. In 1998, after twelve years in the safety and security field, Mark began working in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer and has been leading bootcamps and providing effective group instruction since 2008. He has extensive experience training diverse populations ranging from teens to adults in their 90’s. As a PEAK forever coach, Mark will enjoy seeing people reach their desired potential effectively, and most importantly, safely.

Juli Langosch, Coach

trainers3Juli is a coach at Supra CrossFit and also works as
a behavioral therapist at a clinic serving children with
autism. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Special Education.
Juli’s passion for helping others achieve success and reach
their goals is the reason she finds fulfillment in both coaching and
working with children. As a PEAK forever coach, Juli is looking forward to bringing joy and passion to working out. She hopes to create an environment where all members are excited to show up to class, feel
comfortable asking questions or receiving coaching advice, and
encourage their peers. She is glad to be a part of a coaching staff that will build a community focused on health and exercise, and is supportive of everyone’s individual goals.

Curt Flournoy, Coach

trainers4Curt is originally from north Louisiana and is the Director of Sales for a local technology startup, Acrew. He and his wife, Karen, have two young children. Curt loves all sports, is an avid Saints fan, and feels that his life was mentally and physically transformed when he began CrossFit. He is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and coaches at Supra CrossFit. Curt is a former distance runner and has completed full and half marathons. He is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle, wants to encourage people of all ages and walks of life to achieve their goals, and knows that PEAK forever will give him that opportunity.

Favorite exercise: Deadlift
Least favorite exercise: Pull-ups
Favorite quote: “Life doesn’t require that we be our best, only that we try our best” – Anonymous

Jason Schayot, Coach

trainers5Jason is a native of Slidell, has always been interested in athletics, and played baseball and volleyball in high school and in college.

He started CrossFit as a personal fitness goal and quickly became interested in improving his performance and helping motivate his peers to improve as well.  Coaching was a natural progression for Jason. He has a CrossFit Level 1 trainer certification and strives to help others accomplish the benefits that he saw firsthand, inside and outside of the gym, including enhanced cognitive performance, physical endurance, flexibility, and decreased stress levels.  The highlight of Jason’s fitness experience has been meeting some of his greatest friends while becoming active within an amazing community and he looks forward to developing similarly meaningful relationships at PEAK forever.

Jason has a degree in Mass Communication from LSU and recently bought his first home in MidCity.  When not at the gym or at work, you can find him at the movies, or enjoying a local concert or festival.

Sam Marcello, Coach

trainers6Sam is currently a senior at Tulane University, a content creator for Odyssey, and an aspiring business developer.

His biggest interest is travel and Sam has set a personal goal to maintain yearly trips. His regular activities include hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, or trying new sports.

Sam is a certified personal trainer and loves all types of fitness. He always looks forward to moving his body and being active with friends whether it’s CrossFit, old-school bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, or an intense hike.

He believes that PEAK forever will enable everyone, no matter their age, to know what it feels like to move well, be active, and experience the freedom that comes with quality movement.


Tonya Miller, Coach

trainers7Tonya is an endurance athlete who enjoys running, yoga, lifting, obstacle course racing and the occasional CrossFit competition. She comes from the hills and seasons of Connecticut but has enjoyed the sun and spirit of New Orleans for the last 5 years.

By trade, she coaches elementary teachers to be the best they can for their students. As a trainer, Tonya coaches athletes to be the best they can for themselves and those around them. She has trained with many styles of personal trainers and group fitness coaches. As a PEAK forever coach, she will encourage and empower members to increase health and fitness levels in order to look and feel like their best version of their self. It is important to Tonya that members learn the fundamentals of functional movement in order to increase safety and efficiency in and outside of the gym.

Jonas Deffes, Owner

Jonas Deffes Is the Owner / PEAK forever.

He also owns the popular Supra Crossfit Facility located Tchoupitoulas and the NOLA Boot Camp For Women locations.

His mission is to reduce stress, increase health performance and boost metabolism in the body. He is very serious about building long-term relationships, achieving positive results and upholding his commitment to excellence.

He has designed PEAK forever Specifically for People in Their 50’s and 60’s  to help them gain strength, confidence, increase Quality of Life, and have fun in a action packed Community environment.

PEAK forever has created a supportive knowledgeable and driven environment for women and men to improve there lifestyle, diet, self confidence and much more.

Michael Hecht, Lead Advisor

mh Michael is a Supra CrossFit client, who was able to improve his fitness and cut his cholesterol numbers in half through a regimen of exercise and somewhat less fried food.  When he is not doing burpees, Michael leads Greater New Orleans, Inc., the economic development nonprofit for the region.  As well as economic development, Michael’s professional background includes management consulting and entrepreneurship, and he holds an MBA from Stanford.  Michael believes in PEAK forever not only as a new local business, but also as part of a larger trend towards “successful aging,” as the population over 65 doubles in the USA by 2050.  we are proud to have Michael Hecht on the PEAK forever team.