PEAK forever Rules

At PEAK forever, we strive to help each and every member get in the best shape of his or her life. We’ve established some rules to ensure that everyone gets the most out of our facility.  Please read below to familiarize yourself with the PEAK forever rules.

  1. Reserve your class time on our mobile friendly website and be sure to arrive several minutes early if you need time to change clothes, etc. If time allows, you are free to stretch or mobilize before class starts, but have mobility equipment put away by the time class begins. The coach will start the class together as a whole.
  1. Be proactive about asking the coaches for modifications or scaling for exercises. If you have any restrictions or past injuries please let the coach know. We are more than happy to accommodate your needs.
  1. Always ask questions, ask for help, practice safe habits, encourage others, and motivate fellow members to finish their workouts in class.
  1. Empty barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells were not designed to be dropped. We don’t want our floors, equipment, and mostly importantly, you or someone else to be broken unnecessarily.
  1. Wipe down all equipment that you used after each workout (including mobility equipment, seats and handles) with a sanitary wipe. Clean up sweat, spit, blood, dirt, vomit, and anything else you may have left behind. We pride ourselves on having a clean facility for our members to use.
  1. All use of equipment is reserved for the class in session regardless if it is in use or not. There is no free use of any equipment outside of your scheduled class time (other than mobility equipment if another class is not in session).
  1. We encourage you to have fun and get excited while working out however any foul language or temper tantrums will not be tolerated. Using foul language or being disrespectful will compromise your membership.
  1. Please do not bring your cell phone into the workout area. All cell phone ringers must be switched to the vibrate/do not disturb setting. The coach and other members do not want to be distracted by ringing phones during the workout. If there is an emergency or you are “on call” and need to have your phone with you, you must inform the coach before bringing your phone into the workout area.
  1. Shirts must be worn while working out. We have a nice, climate-controlled environment so there is no need to take your shirt off.
  1. All belongings must be stored in the cubbies on the wall or in the baskets under the bench. Please do not leave bags, water bottles, or other personal belongings on the bench. Someone may need to use it to sit on.

Thank you for reading our rules! If you have a coworker, friend, or loved one that wants to try PEAK forever we’ll gladly schedule a free trial workout.

Please call or text us if you have any questions: 504-401-4745.